Our designers provide the inspiration for our beautiful jewellery. Here's a little insight into a few of them...


Laura designed our Ran collection. She talks of her inspiration....

 "My interest in Scandinavian culture stems from my Dad's side of the family which my Uncle traced back to the Faroe Islands. I've always had an interest in local folklore and unusual stories. There are often similarities between Orcadian and Scandinavian folklore which, I would imagine, originates from our historical ties to Norway and Denmark. 

I started looking into Norse mythology for a series of drawings, some of which have translated really well into jewellery designs. Being from an island community the story of Ràn, Ægir and the Nine Daughters felt like the most relatable story. 
With the Gods and Goddesses seen as the personification of the natural elements I created representational pieces encompassing the individual traits. The Goddess Ràn is a natural personification of the sea. The ocean was often referred to as Ràn's Road, with sailors often praying to her husband Ægir, God of the Oceans for safe passage. She is known for capturing the lost souls of sailors in her net and dragging them down to spend eternity with her."

Pat Cheney

Pat Cheney trained in Fine Art at Falmouth College of Art. In 1976 she launched Pat Cheney Jewellery. Although trained in fine art Pat also pursued ceramics and knitwear design. “Line and balance of form have always been an important element in my designs, many of which show the stylised influence of the Art-Nouveau and Art Deco periods”. In 1990 she relinquished Pat Cheney Jewellery Ltd to Ortak Jewellery, Kirkwall

Each piece is handcrafted in our workshop in Kirkwall, Orkney.

Pat Cheney designs are very influenced by Art-Nouveau and Art Deco periods.  Ortak has taken the designs to new levels using hot glass enamel to enhance the designs to show the lines within the jewellery.

Roger Philby

Ever since he was a young lad growing up in the heart of London, Roger Philby has had a deep passion for the natural world and all the creatures in it.

Roger moved to Orkney from Surrey in 2002 & lived in Birsay, which is a beautiful part of the West Mainland of Orkney. There he was lucky enough to enjoy sightings of Orcas, Risso dolphins, porpoise and Minke whales to name but a few.  He even had Puffins, Fulmars & other seabirds breeding on the cliff beneath the house!

To see new species of Whale, Dolphin or Porpoise is extremely exciting, but no matter how many times you may see the same species the thrill is fantastic, your heart leaps into your mouth and your heart gives voice.

From these encounters, Roger felt a need to create beautiful items of jewellery that represent, as best as he could, the true forms of these animals that fill his soul.

Now Roger has retired Fluke Jewellery is in the hands of a small but dedicated team of like-minded individuals who share Roger’s passion for nature.  Getting to grips with his existing ranges, adding pieces to make sets, using hand applied enamel for colour and coming up with new additions.